The Storm before the Calm

Well, believe it or not — I AM BAAAAAAACK!!!!  When I started this blog I had plans to write something every week or two; in fact I did pretty well in the beginning, but I have not done so well over the last few months. I ask that you bear with me as I pick this up again and venture into my new reality…my new adventure if you will.

To say that a couple of things have happened and changed in the several months since my last post would definitely be an understatement! Between Senior Prom on April 26th, emptying the house on May 26th and finally making the final move to Nashville on June 4th, we had just a few things to juggle. A few of the highlights include college registration, family visits, graduation, graduation party, packing, moving, cleaning and a trip to Texas. This doesn’t even take into account the regular day-to-day stuff involved with daily life and having a Senior in the house and a husband 3 hours away, but I think you get the general idea — I was BUSY!  Oh, and did I mention that we made another move on June 15th into our current place? Well, yeah, we did that too. I think I am due for a season of not moving for a while.

There were times in the midst of this maddening chaos that I really did want to throw my hands up and just scream; I needed an outlet for everything that was being pent-up because of the seemingly unending list that I needed to accomplish. In addition to this I had my new “normal” reality pressing in on me too — Andy was 3 hours away and we had only brief contact daily and the occasional face to face visit when it worked out. I felt alone and at times all I could do was to stop, cry it out and start over. Those times weren’t often, nor did they last for an extended time, but they served as an emotional reset of sorts and allowed me to reset and begin again. Ultimately it all worked and I managed NOT to maim or murder anyone or anything! See — self-control really does pay off!

Throughout the storm of circumstances swirling about me I knew that it would ultimately be worth it — our family would be back together in the same city and under the same roof!!! I was SO ready for that! All in all that, along with my Faith was what brought me through and kept me going even when it seemed that all was lost and I would fail. Never have I ever been more grateful for friends, family and Faith as I have over the last little bit. Without a doubt– even in the darkest of my days — did I ever lose sight of that or my goal. Now that we have made it through this storm we can set sail into the open waters and see just what the future holds.

Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for reading!


All it takes…

Sometimes all it takes is for a service appointment to be missed, twice. Then, suddenly and without warning after scheduling a third appointment the eyes get moist and then it starts– for no apparent reason — the tears start and then come harder, like it seems they never will stop. All that goes through your mind is that there is no rational reason for this — this is not normal for you — what is happening?!  Then your mind goes to everything else over the last few days, weeks or months that has not gone right and then it jumps to a whole bunch of things that are undecided and there you are. You are at the point of not having a clue how everything got to this point and then right back to trying to figure out why the tears are still coming. After all, it is not the biggest thing in the world and in the grand scheme of things a missed service appointment is probably near the bottom of the list of important details that must be handled.

Wow! Are you tired yet? I am — It wore me out just typing all of that, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling after enduring it; we all have been there. While this is an exhausting process, it is often necessary to serve as an emotional cleansing. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let the tears flow — trying to stop them is not only futile, but it can often make you feel worse. Don’t let you convince yourself that it is all about a silly missed appointment or two. More than likely it is the latest drop in a very worn out bucked that lets the damn burst and send the tears forth; you know –the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Give yourself break — it has probably been building for a while, even longer than you think. Let the tears do their job as a pressure relief and then you can go on about your day. An afternoon or morning of tears doesn’t mean you are falling apart — it probably means that you won’t. Well, at least that is what I tell myself — and I wouldn’t lie to me! Right?

Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for reading!