Welcome to Memphis…Like it or Not!

Like it or not, I am now a resident of the city of Memphis instead of being in the county — something we took great pains to avoid when we moved here over 6 years ago. Yes, I am aware that annexation happens on a regular basis, and to be honest I am not surprised that it did. I would simply have liked a little more warning — in the six years we have lived here we have not received ANY notification of the annexation of our property. Everything discussed involved other areas, with our  little “bubble” being exempt; little did we know that our piece of Shelby county was embroiled in a decade long court battle riddled with appeals. Imagine my surprise a week ago when I heard that effective January 1, 2012 we were Memphis city residents.  Yes, you read that correctly — the annexation was instituted retroactively — with property taxes due for 2012. I should say that I heard from a friend that saw it on the news that night; I finally received my “Welcome to Memphis” letter in the mail on Thursday. I will admit that the “Welcome Neighbor” salutation caught me off guard — if this is how you treat your neighbors…

I could easily rattle off a long list of reasons why I dislike the idea (and reality) of being in the city limits or I could get tied up in emotional knots over what this all means financially or anything else. Instead,  I have chosen to focus my energy into those things over which I do have some control — my reaction, action and adjustment. I am now in the city limits and the ship has long sailed on any opportunity to change that, so now I turn to figuring out how to deal with it. In all the madness that has surrounded this announcement over the last few days, I have come up with a few good things about this for our family; yes – even in this mess there are some good things. No, I am not saying they outweigh the actual annexation repercussions; I am simply saying that I am focussing on some positives, even if small.

If I spend my emotional, intellectual and physical energies on the negatives of my new reality, I will not be in any condition to deal with my new reality. Ok, here is what I mean — regardless of whether I like it or not, I am now living in the city limits of Memphis, TN and life goes on. I could easily stress over the double taxes or on the new fees coming my way, but all that would do for me is nothing; my blood pressure would be through the roof, my stress level would be off the charts AND I would still have to deal with the normal stressors of life. You know the kind –having a senior in HS searching for colleges, planning graduation, paying the normal bills, having the family living in 2 cities at once and other such trivial details. Frankly, I just cannot and will not attempt to take on the whole world — I have too much to do!  🙂

Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for reading!


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