Balancing Act

Sometimes, no matter how hard I try putting something down in this blog, nothing works.  It is, in part, due to the newness of it all, but lately it has been more of an issue of something that felt “right” as a topic.  Over the last couple of weeks I have had several good ideas come to mind, but when I sat down nothing came into focus and I felt like I was forcing something that wasn’t there.  One thought jumped to another thought which lead to another and once that happened I knew that no matter what I put down, it would not be what it should be.  I guess life is a lot like that — full of “stuff.”  Life is full of issues that range from routine and ordinary to exciting and invigorating. I guess the secret lies in one thing — balance.  Balance between what we need to do and what we want to do. On any given day, events, thoughts and things compete for our attention. Some days this is not a major issue and things flow smoothly, but on others, much like my blog ideas, things come hot and heavy and don’t go exactly as we planned.  I am learning that balance is truly the key; balance is necessary.  While I cannot get everything done every day, I can get things done AND dare to think outside the realm of normal events too — as a Mom I have to — it is part of the contract.  Also part of that same contract is the need to let the ordinary and daily stuff go to take care of life events and surprises. In the grand scheme of things I believe that when handled with care and attention, the balance will come into focus.  For me each day is a different set of balancing acts, but putting the effort in really does pay off.  Granted, there are days that I wish would flow better or contain events I would rather not have to deal with,but I do not always get that choice.  Much like my mind was flooded with ideas, my life gets flooded with events from time to time and it seems as though I am living on a teeter totter that is not level at all.  When this happens. all I can do is choose my priorities and do what I can do; I can’t do more than that, no matter how much I try.  Sometimes balance is elusive and all I can do is keep from falling off, but that doesn’t mean that I have failed; it simply means I have a lot to balance at the moment and some things have to be let go. I deal with the priorities and the other things will fall into place. Then the next day I pick up and start fresh with what I am given that day. Do I always remember this?  No, but I am trying to improve. I do my best and hope to learn something about myself or others that will help with the next set of issues to — you guessed it — Balance.

Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for reading!


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