Not so Different, really.

As I wade through the world of college applications and admissions, my mind goes back through the years…to a much simpler time when things were fixed with a full belly, quick nap or a big hug. Well, now that I think about it, much of what we deal with today can be solved by one or more of those things too.  Interesting. In reality not as much has changed, unless you count the many things that we WISH could be solved by a full belly, quick nap or big hug.  Way back when I was a new parent experimenting on this new person I was now responsible for raising, I was often overwhelmed with what was happening. I quickly realized that while there was a wealth of knowledge and experience available at my fingertips, I would have to just wing most of it with what made sense to us.  I guess we are at that point yet again with college. Thanks to the information age in which we live, we have an abundant wealth of information and experiences at our fingertips and yet we are finding ourselves making decisions based on what makes sense and works for us.  I guess not a lot has changed; I am still a first time Mom of a soon to be High School Senior and soon to be College Freshman.  What has changed is the type of issues we now face…the simple fixes aren’t so simple sometimes; BUT the full belly, quick nap and big hugs sure can help refresh our perspective and renew our resolve to keep making decisions that make sense to us.

Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for reading.


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