Teenage Boy Goggles

As I navigate the waters of parenting a 17-year-old boy, I have to remind myself to look at things through “teenage boy goggles” in order to better make sense of some things.  I will admit that it is a challenge but I am making strides toward improvement, somewhat.  At times this can be amusing, frustrating, confusing and many other things all at once, but tonight I found it quite amusing.  In case you have any doubt, the term “teenage boy goggles” is simply defined as trying to put the actions of a teen boy into perspective as to what he could possibly be thinking, envisioning or experiencing at any given time.  Scared?  Good.  So am I.  No, I am not saying I get it, but I am trying to see what he sees and if that means I have to venture to “that place” I will.  I am Mom — we know no fear, right? Well, there really is no fear like trying to see into the male teen mind, but we must try, right?

Ok, ready or not, here we go.  For some time now, the 3 of us have been sharing 2 cars with my son Justin taking my husband Andy’s car to church youth group on Sunday night.  Simple enough, right?  Well tonight Justin had an envelope to take with him regarding his mission trip this summer. As he was heading to the garage we had to remind him to take it with him; he picked it up and was gone.  After what seemed an unordinary long period of time we heard the garage door go up and then down and presumed all was good; a short time later Justin called me to let me know he was there. When I reminded him about the envelope all I heard was a long pause. I dismissed it, told him to have a good time and that was that.  I thought nothing more about Justin, the car or the envelope — it was done, or so I thought.

In what has become our mini date night of sorts, Andy and I decided to head to Dairy Queen.  Well, what happened next was nothing less than a head shaking, grab the goggles moment.  I opened my car door and saw a white envelope in the passenger seat –the very envelope Justin had taken earlier.  I was speechless and when Andy opened the passenger side door he too noticed the envelope, but did not recognize it. Finally able to speak, I simply said that yes that was the envelope Justin had left with about an hour earlier.  We both just looked at each other and literally shook our heads in wonder.  Ultimately we figured out what happened,but somehow it didn’t make any more sense that when we didn’t know. He had, for whatever reason, sat down in my car to leave, realized he was supposed to take his Dad’s car and got out, leaving the envelope behind as an after thought.  I found this hilarious!  When Justin returned, I simple held up the envelope and asked him if he recognized it.  He sheepishly replied “yes.” When asked if he remembered where he left it.  Again, a sheepish “yes” followed by the above explanation.

Tonight was simply one of those nights that it was entertaining being the parent of a teen boy on the brink of manhood.  If you have one, you understand; if you have a boy that isn’t a teen yet — just wait — it is coming.  Remember when situations come at you that really defy explanation, it may be time to strap on the teenage boy goggles and hang on for the ride!

Let’s see what ‘s next… Thanks for reading.


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